Traffic Ticket

Our traffic ticket attorneys of Los Angeles can help you with cleaning your ticket, minimizing high penalties and preventing insurance premium increase due to citations. We have 97% success rate on all cases.

DUI / Drunk Driving

A DUI conviction can ruin your life as it is a serious offense with consequences. Avoid extreme penalties, fines, and punishments by speaking with one of our Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorneys.

Traffic Law Attorneys

We have an experienced specialist panel of traffic and DUI attorneys that have served people with clearing tickets and keeping from high fines and penalties piling up. Call us today to defend you.

Traffic Tickets Fines In California Soaring

Traffic ticket fees have skyrocketed when compared to a decade ago.  Additional penalties such as traffic school now on the average of $60 have really made getting traffic tickets a financial burden. Speeding tickets for any drivers caught driving over 15 miles per hour have increased to $238.  The increase in traffic ticket violations have to do with the lawmakers in the capitol adding additional penalties.  Can you believe a red light ticket in the state of California is close to $500? Therefore, the actual fine amount for a speeding ticket in California or any other traffic ticket is only the beginning of what you’ll have to pay and what you will owe the court unless you try to fight your ticket and hopefully get it dismissed. The penalty assessments add on to the high traffic ticket base fines that already are in place for California drivers who get traffic tickets. The penalty assessments are rather bogus, including court facility construction fees, surcharges, emergency fees, DNA identification fees, night court, and county fees. Even though the legislature in Sacramento make up these penalty assessments, the counties can add additional penalty assessments to your traffic ticket at the county level. This is why when you have a ticket issued; you must call the county in which you got the traffic ticket to get more information. With the traffic fees soaring, more and more drivers are contesting their tickets in court. Why not? You can save hundreds of dollars for every ticket dismissed, and not to mention how much more you’ll have to pay in insurance premium increases if your ticket doesn’t get dismissed. The only thing you need to know is how to fight your ticket in the court system, which is a wild card if you don’t know how to proceed or don’t have a good argument. That’s why there are people like us; traffic ticket attorneys who are skillfully and well prepared to beat the court systems. We are here to help!

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