Traffic Ticket

Our traffic ticket attorneys of Los Angeles can help you with cleaning your ticket, minimizing high penalties and preventing insurance premium increase due to citations. We have 97% success rate on all cases.

DUI / Drunk Driving

A DUI conviction can ruin your life as it is a serious offense with consequences. Avoid extreme penalties, fines, and punishments by speaking with one of our Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorneys.

Traffic Law Attorneys

We have an experienced specialist panel of traffic and DUI attorneys that have served people with clearing tickets and keeping from high fines and penalties piling up. Call us today to defend you.



  • Instructions to Defendant – Trial by Written Declaration – TR200
  • Request Trial by Written Declaration – TR205
  • Notice and Instructions To Arresting Officer – TR210
  • Decision and Notice of Decision – TR215
  • Request for New Trial – TR220
  • Order and Notice to Defendant of New Trial – TR225
  • Officer’s Declaration – TR235

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