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Our traffic ticket attorneys of Los Angeles can help you with cleaning your ticket, minimizing high penalties and preventing insurance premium increase due to citations. We have 97% success rate on all cases.

DUI / Drunk Driving

A DUI conviction can ruin your life as it is a serious offense with consequences. Avoid extreme penalties, fines, and punishments by speaking with one of our Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorneys.

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We have an experienced specialist panel of traffic and DUI attorneys that have served people with clearing tickets and keeping from high fines and penalties piling up. Call us today to defend you.

DMV Hearing

If you were arrested for DUI, you will get a notice to request a DMV administrative hearing to discuss the circumstances of your DUI offense. After your DUI arrest, you have 10 days to schedule a DMV hearing. It is your right to schedule a DMV hearing to protect your driving privileges. If you fail to schedule your hearing within the 10 day period, your driver’s license will automatically be suspended after 30 days. Your court trial for your DUI is separate then your DMV hearing. Your DMV hearing will entail questions and an evaluation of your DUI case. During the administrative hearing, a DMV officer will evaluate your case based on your breath, blood, or urine test if applicable and the exchanges between you and the police officer involved. The DMV hearing will then make a decision, based on the circumstances of your case regarding your driving privileges, such as suspending your driver’s license. The DMV hearing has nothing to do with your DUI court trial or any aspect about the criminal charge being brought against you.

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